Our Partners

Nautilus Infotech Co., Ltd.


Area of Partnership:

Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial Media Converter/Injector, M2M Wireless Gateway,

Serial Connectivity.                                

About Nautilus Infotech

Nautilus Infotech is a Taiwan based company with global reach to worldwide markets and collaborating with partners in more than 30 countries. NAUTILUS INFOTECH specializes in the design and development of state-of-the-art industrial Ethernet switch, industrial & M2M Wireless equipment, serial connectivity devices, fiber optic video products, media converters and accessories focusing on M2M & IoT connectivity.

Arestech Co., Ltd.


Area of Partnership:

Embedded System, Panel PC, Industrial Display Panel.

About Arestech

Arestech, an expert in embedded and automation solutions with over a decade of product development experience in intelligent embedded computing, is committed to developing innovative, high quality and high performance products for diversified technologies and applications.
With our dynamic expertise in the embedded market, we offer a full-range of intelligent systems including embedded box PCs, industrial multi-touch displays, and multi-touch panel PCs.
Arestech strategically aligns itself with key industry partners to provide crossover with system integration partners to deliver superior design services and pioneering solutions, enabling our partners to build and grow their businesses better.

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